Visualizing One of the Best Architectural Firms in India

best architectural firms in india

“One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again.” – Renzo Piano. Rightly said, architectures are not only pleasing to our eyes but also makes us feel that lost time once more. Buildings are sheer pieces of art that link our soul with the forgotten time. Hence, every architect is an artist who can implement his artistry into a piece of blissful craft. If you are looking for the best architectural firms in India, then you have directed yourself to the correct address.

We, at Sanon Sen & Associates, proffer the best facets for our esteemed clients. We are the market pioneers who have dominated the existing competition with our superior services. Our proficient team has proved to deliver immaculate designs. The architects working in our team can amalgamate voguish designs with realistic features that blend of strength with sophistication.

Our founder, Mr. Harsh Sanon pledges to relinquish the best of architectural designs that include services like :

  • Architecture
  • Structural Design
  • Planning
  • Interior Design

In this digitalized India, where life is running its race with an infinite competition, beautiful buildings are the institutions where we find our purpose of life. Infrastructure indicates more employment, more services, and better opportunities. Hence, what you need for a better future is promised by us. We create wonders with our framework and the developers flourish the lives of many with it.

An interior of any establishment completes the story it is trying to convey. We incorporate culture and nature into such a composition that the exterior blends holistically. We understand your requisites from the beginning and embark on exact outcomes to your needs.

 As one of the best architectural firms in India, we firmly believe that synthesis and harmony come together for any building. Hence, our design includes elements like aesthetics, ergonomics, the requirements of the developer along with the production requisites. In this context, we focus on three aspects which are Enduring Design, Computational Design and Research as well as Composite Cellular Ingredients.

We focus on the crucial pins of the projects:

  • Home Architecture
  • Commercial Architecture (Offices, Resorts, Institutions, Hospitals, Nursing Homes)
  • Design Planning
  • Campus Planning

Our skilled and dexterous team of designers brainstorm and innovate new concepts so that no stone is left unturned before implementing the final layout. We focus on emphasizing expertise in the fabrication of designs. We enhance the assembling of interior ingredients like Planning of Interior Space, Appealing Graphics, Construction Sketches, Site Advisory as well as Material Palettes.

Our team of architectures and engineers use their wizardry hands-on software like Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Building Information Modelling (BIM), as well as Automation Framework for their work. We are well versed in this software which aids in creating and enhancing an improved design of a building or a structure. This software helps in fabricating building concepts and ideas in a real-time format. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in originating the best form of a structure for our clients.

Our Exclusive Solutions

Starting from commercial projects, we tend to create spaces that enhance international designs and outlook. We translate the developer’s vision to ultimate classic designs with a strong base to hold it forever. Keeping in mind that a workplace needs to be formal with some creative elements to work as an energy booster to the employees, we create a make-over that becomes a chronicle. In our non-commercial aspects, we create story-telling spaces where your clients would find their peace and feel at home.

It is obvious that when you intend to build, be it your own home or your office, you surely put a lot of effort into it along with your dreams, ideas, concepts and a lot of money. Building a space leaves behind your impression and legacy for which you would be reminded forever. So, for building such an architecture that can carry your tradition and heritage, you need the best architect in India. Hence, we pledge to fulfill your dreams by shaping up your ideas into reality by delivering the best of construction and designs.

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